Printed Scarves / Scarfs

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting the finest quality Printed Scarves / Scarfs in exotic designs and patterns, which are highly appreciated in the international market. There are three categories of prints: Digital Print, Screen Print and Block Print. Digital prints are applied using technology that permits relatively large,non-repetitive designs and colours. Screen Prints can print custom designs in maximum 8-10 colours. Block print designs may appear complex, but they are composed of relatively small repeating elements. For print designs, colors may be chosen by the customer.

When you are thinking about the purchase, you have to see three characteristics of leopard print scarves. They are Spots, Shade and Substance. Beautiful print combined with beautiful fabric makes for an ideal scarf. Clothing can be Pashmina, Kashmiri, silk, cotton, synthetic, george etc. A style tip-tie is a silk scarf like a turban on your head, which is a well-matched dress for that gipsy-oriental look! There is one more thing about scarves-you can be crazy with hot pink shades, which can never go out of fashion. If you choose a fabulous tone for your jacket, you can wear a bright colored scarf and vice versa. For a crazy night out, you can try to match your shiny colors with your brightly colored, printed scarf and dance away at night.

Animal print scarf, also known as leopard scarves. With the development of the current society, processing of scarves is very sophisticated. Animal pattern is simply a symbol of fashion trend, which gives you a sense of being fashionable. There is a wide range of animal patterns along with leopards, zebra and snakes. The reason for the popularity of this scarf can be as follows: It combines beauty and the wild very well and satisfies the quest of unique psychologically. Animal print scarves represent a combination of wild impulse and the development of modern civilization.

The printed scarf is made of a mixture of cotton and linen. The two ends of printed scarves are cut in a wave shape so that it adds an attractive elegance. The pattern can be printed on scarves to make a timeless fashion piece. If matched with a simple T-shirt, then the printed scarf can be a wonderful finishing touch. Even if the weather is fine, you can go out with a long skirt to stand out.

Now your next mission is to own an wide range of exclusive printed scarves with unique patterns, styles and colors, we are sure nothing can stop you. And with this space to have enlightened you even more about this fashion essential, what are you waiting for? Enquire Now.