Prayer Scarves / Scarfs

Whether they are called Prayer Scarves, Comfort Scarves, Peace Scarves, or Tallit, etc. The Tallit itself is a white rectangular piece of fabric, which is usually made of wool, But sometimes is made of cotton, polyester or silk. On each of the four corners of the Tallit are special knots called Tassels (Tzitzit) in fulfilment of the biblical commandment? The purpose of the Tallit is to hold the Tassels, so the Tallit itself has no religious meaning. The word Tallit originally meant “gown” or “cloak.” It was a rectangular mantel that looked like a blanket and was worn by men in ancient times. Initially, the Tallit was worn as a daily habit, but after the exile of the Jews from Eretz Israel and their dispersion, they came to adopt the Fashions of their gentile neighbours and the Tallit became a religious garment for prayer; hence its meaning of Prayer Scarves . Prayer Scarves are available with different patterns and sizes as required.